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Investment Services

If you want to grow your capital, you should start investing your capital in equity market for different time span i.e long, medium or short period of time according to your specific needs and requirements. Being a dominant research firm of India,
WealthStep Research has been providing trading services in bangalore very disciplined and consistent approaches to individuals to invest their money into various schemes as per their custom requirement. Have a look on various kinds of investment options & choose the best one as per your needs:


Long Term Investment

If you are looking for higher returns for your invested capital with low risk, you should invest your hard-earned money for a long-term. We provide varieties of investment options for individuals by understanding their financial needs & requirements; that too within their financial budget.

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Short Term Investment

If you are looking to invest your money for a short span of time (like 1 year or less), you should opt for short term investment. Small and Mid cap shares usually fetch high returns in a short period of time, would be some of the best options. This kind of investment options work for people who want to make profits “right here and right now”. Know more about short term investment …


Medium Term Investment

Medium term investment option is well suited for those who want to reduce the risk reasonably and at the same time reap the benefits in the near future. Apart from that, this plan is also ideal for those individuals, who can withdraw funds from their budget for a long period of time but they are not ready to wait for gain profits for a long period of time. Read more
For your attention, ALERT !

We want to inform you that impostors posing as our Company employees are deceiving the public, offering investment advice, and collecting funds unlawfully. Please take note of the following:

If someone claiming to be a Wealthstep Research employee contacts you, kindly verify their credibility by contacting us directly. Never transfer funds to any account other than the one in the name of "WEALTHSTEP EQUITY RESEARCH & ADVISORY," the details of which we have provided to you.

Type of account: – Current Account
Account number: – 317805000111
IFSC Code:- ICIC0003178

Rest assured, legal action will be taken against those responsible. We urge everyone to remain vigilant. Despite this situation, we are committed to providing excellent service and look forward to maintaining a successful partnership with you.

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