“HUNT THE GAIN” is a short term investment service which recommends trading ideas in fundamentally good stocks which are recommended based on TECHNOFUNDA analysis. HUNT GAIN offers a smart views and timely actionable trading ideas by creating a balance between the two most popular investing disciplines-fundamental and technical. We provides best trading tips in Bangalore for best stocks to buy in Indian Stock Market.

WealthStep Short term Investment analyst have years of experience of Selecting fundamentally strong businesses using a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. These stocks are selected through deep research and data analysis.


WealthStep ‘Hunt The Gain’ team of technical research analysts have years of experience in following technical trends and spotting the opportunities from their analysis.

Key Traits:

  1. 2-3 stock recommendation per month
  2. Holding period of 15-20 days
  3. Expected Accuracy is 75-80%.
  4. 10-15% expected return on each recommendation
  5. Direct access to the research analyst
  6. Recommendation via whatsapp followed by phone call
  7. Dedicated relationship manager
  8. Weekly review on existing holdings.

3 Month, 6 Month, 12 Month